About Us

About Effective CleanersWhen Effective Cleaners was founded a few years back, we got together with the clear intend to create an entirely new concept of a cleaning company. We aimed to create a business which was both customer and environmentally friendly, and in our opinion we have been able to do just that. We wanted to maintain and provide a wide range of services not because it made everything more profitable but because it is easier and more logical for customers to have all their cleaning needs taken care of quickly and efficiently, by the same quality service provider. This meant that we had to be exceptionally good at every type of service we provided.

In order to do this, we took the time and effort to find and employ the right people for the job. As we grew and expanded, we were able to hire a group of qualified and experienced cleaners and technicians who approach their duties with professional precision and efficiency. We put those same people through rigorous in house training to hone their skills further and make them even better at what they do. We trained our people in the safe and efficient use of professional grade cleaning systems because we wanted for customers to receive nothing short of the best possible results without margin for error.

We consider Effective Cleaners to be an ecofriendly cleaning business. Before all we aim to reduce the environmental toll of our work, and to minimise exposure to the heavy duty, aggressive cleaning chemicals commonly used by other service providers especially in the Barking area. All of our services are designed to yield optimal results with minimum water and resource waste. Last but not least, we care greatly for the health and wellbeing of our customers and their loved ones, this is why we refrain from using toxic cleaning products. We believe that even tough cleaning chores can be tackled effectively by using a combination of mild and natural formula sanitation supplies through application of the correct amount under the right conditions.

We believe that with us, people receive an excellent blend of professionalism, individualised approach and down-to-earth, friendly service. We have left most of our services open for personalisation because we are well aware that customers in London have many different cleaning needs, and some of them require thinking outside the box. In our opinion, personalised approach toward each service request is essential because we value the time and resources of every one of our clients therefore we aim to meet, even exceed their expectations.

Effective Cleaners invites private and business customers across London to come and be part of a better service experience, one that is worth their time and money. Take advantage of our fair priced, highly efficient cleaning solutions and see what professional cleaning should be like. We will be happy to explain and clarify further why and how we do our services – just ask!